September 8th Edition

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Wheeler recently challenged industry and government “to do everything in our power to ensure that the United States has the world’s most dynamic and competitive broadband ecosystem.” He also asserted that there were insufficient “competitive choices for most Americans...three-quarters of American homes have no competitive choice for the essential infrastructure for 21st century economics and democracy.”

September 4th Edition

This week the NFL regular season kicks off for the Pittsburgh Steelers and the 31 also-rans. However, for years fans’ ability to enjoy NFL games has been restricted by the so-called “blackout rule.” Since 1973, a home game cannot be televised locally if it is not sold out 72 hours prior to its start time. This NFL rule has been enforced by the Federal Communications Commission, but the FCC seems likely to reverse its support. The NFL generates enough demand to permit fans to both attend games and watch from home.

September 3rd Edition

Friday the Supreme Court of Nebraska will take up the last state-level barrier to the vital pipeline, namely whether it was legal for the legislature to let Governor Dave Heineman approve the route through the state for the proposed Canada-to-Texas pipeline. Alternatively, the decision would have to be kicked to the state's elected Public Service Commission. One way or another, Nebraska will inevitably (see the process here) kick the decision to go ahead back to the White House — again.

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