May 21st Edition

In his 2,312 days in office, President Obama’s administration has finalized 2,210 new regulations that impose a new compliance burden of $659.6 billion. That “One-a-Day” pace means that the regulatory burden has risen by an average of $285 million per day; $11 million per hour; $198,000 per minute; or $3,300 per second of his time in office. Put differently, the regulatory burden has risen by roughly $100 billion per year or $1 trillion over the 10-year budget window.

May 19th Edition

With another round of weak economic data and the specter of prolonged growth at the anemic pace of 2.1 percent per year, one would think that proposals to raise economic growth would be of central importance. The beginning of the 2016 White House race has delivered some proposals — candidates Rubio, Paul, Perry, Huckabee, Cruz and Christie have all discussed tax reform ideas as a central part of growing more rapidly — and candidates Bush and Christie have laid out specific growth targets.

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