Conflicting Law: Affordable Care Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act

Employee wellness programs are an integral part of the health insurance industry today. Because the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires that most employers provide health insurance for their employees, those employers have a financial interest in ensuring that their employees stay healthy. Employee wellness programs are one way for employers to meet that goal. What should be an easy case of employers paying to keep their employees healthy long-term has turned into a fierce legal battle over the rights of employees with disabilities.

Prescription Drug Follies

At exactly the same time that a bipartisan bill is making a great stride forward for Medicare in the House of Representatives, the Senate is poised to vote on a great step backward. Specifically, Senator Jack Reed is offering an amendment to the Senate budget resolution with the purpose of “making prescription drugs more affordable for seniors and for tax-payers by requiring the Secretary of Health and Human Services to negotiate prescription drug costs under the Medicare program.”


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