Final Ozone Rule

After years of acrimonious fights between industry, states, environmentalists, and the administration, EPA has issued final ozone standards. The revised measure lowers the current threshold from 75 parts per billion (ppb) to 70 ppb. Environmentalists had called for a figure as low as 60, which would have cost up to $39 billion. Today’s final rule will impose “just” $1.4 billion in annual costs, exclusive of California.

Ex-Im’s Closure Precludes U.S. Companies from Bidding on Projects Abroad

One of the most important functions of the Export-Import Bank was to provide American companies with lines of credit for projects to be completed in other countries.  These lines of credit were a crucial part of doing international business and often were an important factor in enabling Ex-Im-backed companies to win these project contracts. Indeed, in 27 countries  Ex-Im support is essential because these countries require support from an export credit agency before they will even consider a bid. Without Ex-Im support, American companies are forced to either completely forego all projects in any of those countries or move jobs to countries that do have export credit agencies.

Lifting The Ban On Internet Taxes Can Cost Consumers $16.4 Billion

A ban on Internet access taxes is set to expire on October 1. If an extension is not signed into law then states might squeeze an additional $16.4 billion from consumers by taxing the Internet. Earlier this year, the House has passed the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act (PITFA) to permanently extend the ban on taxing Internet access. The bill now awaits Senate action. The American Action Forum previously found that state and local governments could place consumers on the hook for billions in new taxes. The table below details the potential costs if states choose to tax Internet access at their current wireless rate.

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