Big Cost, Little Benefit: The UN Paris Climate Deal

Research from the American Action Forum (@AAF) finds that the U.S. will have to spend an additional $38 to $45 billion annually in order to reach the goals set by the United Nations in Paris. This would be added onto the president’s already expensive Clean Power Plan. Combined, these regulations could reach $73 billion per year in costs. The benefits of this would be a global temperature decrease of less than 0.2 degrees.

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The Regulation That Will Lead To Retirement Savers Paying $1500 in Duplicative Fees

As part of its Policy in 60 Seconds video series, the American Action Forum today released a new video focusing on the fiduciary regulation and its impact on retirement savers. The regulation, issued by the Department of Labor, imposes new standards for financial advisers and a recent study by AAF found that it will ultimately hurt investors by forcing them to pay $1500 in duplicative fees per account.

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