Title II Reclassification Explained

A new video from the American Action Forum (@AAF) explains why regulators should not reclassify broadband under Title II of the Communications Act.  Title II has been on the books since 1934 and regulates utilities, like water. As the video describes, “turning on your faucet today gives the same result as it did in 1934—water,” yet since 1995 the Internet has changed dramatically. The video concludes asking whether an  80-year old law can be trusted to regulate the quickly evolving technology.

Beyond the Hyperbole: Dynamic Scoring and the Budget Process

The American Action Forum (@AAF) and the Tax Foundation hosted a discussion on the future of dynamic scoring in the tax and budget process. Dynamic scoring provides policymakers and stakeholders a more complete picture of the economic impact of tax and budget legislation. Senator Orrin Hatch delivered keynote remarks. The event also involved two AAF-formulated tax reform plans that were scored by the Tax Foundation to illustrate the importance of dynamic scoring in measuring the relative merits of public policies.

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