Administration’s GHG Regulation Surpass Cap-and-Trade Costs

Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its second round of greenhouse gas (GHG) standards for heavy-duty engines and trucks. The $30 billion regulation comes on the heels of a 2011 regulation that also addressed fuel efficiency and imposed $8.1 billion in long-term costs. EPA’s patchwork of GHG rules under the Clean Air Act is quickly growing into a regulatory behemoth.

What’s Left in the ACA if the Administration Wins King v. Burwell

As the Supreme Court puts the finishing touches on its opinion in King v. Burwell, which will decide the fate of Affordable Care Act (ACA) subsidies and key portions of the law, many might be curious to know what’s left of ACA implementation. According to American Action Forum (AAF) research, there are more than $700 million in total regulatory costs remaining and 8.3 million paperwork burden hours.

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