The Past, Present, and Future of Congress on Regulatory Reform

Since 2011, when Republicans won a majority in the U.S. House, regulatory reform has been a key plank of the legislative agenda. From every conceivable angle, legislators have devised solutions to regulatory accumulation, abusive lawsuits, and the regulatory process. The broad goals have been to increase transparency for the public and to reassert Congress’s constitutional role as a lawmaking body.

Administration’s January 2015 “Regulatory Review” Adds Nearly $3 Billion in Costs

The administration’s recent attempt to eliminate red tape actually resulted in nearly $3 billion in additional regulatory burdens for Americans. Under President Obama’s executive orders (13,563 and 13,610), agencies were told to “modify, streamline expand, or repeal” existing regulations. Too often for the administration, regulations are regularly expanded and rarely repealed or modified.

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