The Daily Dish

College education for one’s kids has become a central component of the American Dream. In recent years, however, the cost, value, and federal financing of higher education have become part of a rising public debate over the future of higher education. To get a better understanding of the issues most important to the public, AAF commissioned a nationwide poll on this issue by Glen Bolger  and Jim Hobart of Public Opinion Strategies.

The Week in Regulation

A wild week in regulatory activity resulted in a steep increase in 2014’s cost burden, but an even steeper decrease in its cumulative paperwork burden. Agencies added nearly $8 billion in total costs. Energy efficiency standards for commercial refrigerators and the Department of Education’s new “Gainful Employment” rule were the main cost drivers. Yet, largely thanks to a proposed Transportation rule, the year’s net paperwork burden fell by nearly 15 million hours.

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