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As the end of August recess quickly approaches, all eyes turn to the loaded September agenda. Included on the to-do list is the reauthorization of America’s official export credit agency (ECA), the Export-Import Bank. This year its renewal has attracted outsized political attention in comparison to the limited, albeit important, role the agency plays in helping American companies export their goods and services.

Comments to the FCC on Net Neutrality and Title II Reclassification

New pushes in the network neutrality debate are threatening to place much of the Internet sector under a new burdensome regulatory regime that could hinder growth and insert regulatory uncertainty into countless companies, including small startups. The regime, known as Title II reclassification, would place broadband under telephone regulation in order to ban certain network practices. But the ensuing legal morass is not likely to achieve the intended goals. Meanwhile, the broader Internet sector could come under these proposed rules. Of all the proposals suggested, reclassification poses high costs with the little, if any, rewards.

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