Satya Thallam

Satya Thallam Director of Financial Services Policy

Satya Thallam is currently Director of Financial Services Policy at the American Action Forum. Prior to joining the Forum, he was Deputy Director for Research and Policy at the Law & Economics Center and Research Faculty at George Mason University School of Law.

Prior to that he was founder and Director of the Financial Markets Working Group at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, winner of the 2010 Templeton Award. He was also the 2007 Hernando de Soto Fellow, a Research Associate at the Mercatus Center, and acting director of fiscal policy at the Goldwater Institute. He also acts as an expert advisor to groups such Pulitzer Prize winner PolitiFact, the Congressional Oversight Panel, a consultant with American Continental Group, and was senior editor of the journal Lombard Street. He graduated with honors from Arizona State University with a degree in economics and was a doctoral student in economics at Emory University.